Trying to refinance my car loan

I am at a local credit union trying to get my car refinanced with a credit union locally. I just found out my credit score is 750. My credit score still is showing I own the house, so the lady at the credit union will take the house loan out of my debt to income ratio, which is cool. Also, I am going to go from an APR of 7.2% to 3.2%. I am also going to shorten the loan term from 72 months to either 60 or 48 months, per Dave Ramsey’s suggestions to kill the debt.

On Friday, when I’m off, I am going to head to my gym to see about part-time work. If I could pick up something for 10 hours a week that would be ideal. Next year I’ll be moving so I can get cheaper rent.

My weight is doing better, and I’m down about 5 pounds which is great.

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